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Order Summers Debut Album: 364
Unisex T-shirt White with 364 Logo
£15.00 (all sizes)
Size :
Ladies skinny T-shirt White with 364 Logo
£15.00 (all sizes)
Size :
Unisex T-shirt Black with Summers Logo
£12.00 (all sizes)
Size :
Summers Condom Slogan: "Be a SUPERHERO Don't take a SHOT IN THE DARK"
£2.00 (1 per pack -image shows front and rear of pack)
Summers Pic Necklace
£2.50 (1 per pack - image shows front and rear of pic)
Summers Pale Ale (Limited Edition)
18 years of age and over only. Distributed by Oakleaf Brewery.


Summers Signed Drum Skin

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