crash 1

crash 1This stands for I came here to rock! which after the week we all just had is true of everyone we met. The start of the tour was lovely, in the way you get to walk into a venue and see some familiar faces and also a few new ones. We were stopped at every red light and under pressure when we arrived late with all the back line. The crew on the night were awesome and we had the introductions to the new faces of Tyketto (The Official) as well as the awesome guys from Bonfire Official. After watching both sound checks we stood in awe and knew this was going to be a great week. We were not sure how things were going to pan out as rehearsals the day before were so bad the whole band could have been drummers. lol, but gave ourselves a pep talk and went out to do what we know we can do. Londons crowd were brilliant giving us a warm welcome for our first gig and the new tracks went very well into our set, having people sing your song back that quickly is always great.

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